Marco Silvestri
Born in Verona , he travelled extensively in
Europe , Asia , and Oceania..
A long time IT and computer programming enthusiast , he started coding when aged 12 using a good old Olivetti M24.

After finishing his studies he worked for many years in northern Europe for various IT multinationals.

As a freelancer he enjoy studying archeology and computational linguistics , fields in which he published some scientific articles and where he's actually writing a book about the ancient Proto-Veneti (soon to be published).

Since 2001 he's actively collaborating with many venetian associations , expecially with the
Venice-based Associazione Veneto Nostro
(Raixe Venete).
Since 2005 he's a member of the EPO's Klub Marco Polo (European Patent Office , Munich , Germany).

He always supported the idea of using a more rational , easier , and pragmatic Venetian writing style  , in 2005 he invented and implemented his own writing system expressely designed to be used in IT and mobile applications , the GVS (Grafia Veneta Silvestri).

The first software entirely using the GVS system was Mozilla Firefox 1.0 which is available for download in this site..

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