GVS - Grafia Veneta Silvestri
At the moment , there's not any popular writing system designed intentionally for the Venetian language.

Infact , the average user seems to keep writing Venetian using a kind of
"free style" system , often filled with unusual symbols and lots of local and grammatical aberrations

By opposite , recently there were many writing systems proposed by linguists and researchers wanting to make a standard , for instance the GVU (Grafia Veneta Unitaria) and minor variants such as the GYG.

All these systems are unfortunately used by only a few dozen users and researchers , due to their complexity and unintuitive rules , fact is , at the moment they still havent met any large user base.

Before the advent of the mass diffusion of computers and mobile phones this fact wasnt a big issue for the average user , yet nowadays in a world where the spread of internet , emails , and mobile phones is extremely popular , the need to use a simple , easy , and clear writing system , intentionally designed for IT and telecommunications , arises loudly from all the Venetian-speaking users.

For all these reasons , we invented , developed , and implemented a new writing system called GVS , with the only intention of making it the standard system for writing in Venetian using internet and mobile applications.

The full version of the GVS can be read online , or downloaded in PDF and HTML :

GVS - Grafia Veneta Silvestri

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