Welcome to Mozilla Veneto

Mozilla Veneto is the first (and only) web browser entirely in Venetian language.

This site hosts the translation in venetian language of the browser Mozilla FIREFOX , successor of the MOZILLA Suite and NETSCAPE Navigator.

Firefox has been downloaded by 25 million users in the first quarter of 2005 , making it the lead product of the Mozilla Org  (www.mozilla.org) , and setting itself for user base as the nr.1 browser of choice in the UNIX world , and nr.2 in the Windows arena.

In the
DOWNLOAD section you can find :

- Mozilla FIREFOX 1.0.1 in Venetian language
(Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP)

- The XPI  file containing the stand alone translation
in Venetian language
(Multi platform Windows/MacOs/Linux)


In the  GRAFIA VENETA section you can find the rules to write in Venetian (GVS) on which Firefox Veneto is based.

In the
 INFO page there are all the informations regarding the concept and the reasons convincing us in making efforts for the use and preservation of the Venetian language , and for its use in actual IT and telecommunication products.
You'll find also how to actively collaborate and to  join our team for this and for future projects.


This site was created by Marco Silvestri - (c) 2005 Marco Silvestri
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