Mozilla Veneto
In the '90s the browser NETSCAPE was widely used and considered THE browser in the internet world.

Unfortunately , after the legal battle between Netscape and Microsoft , and the following introduction of Internet Explorer as a built-in component of Windows , the diffusion of Netscape , as its stock market value , fell vertically without any hope of regaining its old dominant position.

From the ashes of Netcape a new project called MOZILLA has born ( which after a long time of development gave birth to new products such as Mozilla Suite , Mozilla Firefox , Mozilla Thunderbird , and other minor products.

From a user base scenario , Mozilla is actually the world's second most used browser in the Windows platform and the most used in the UNIX world without any serious competitor.

Being it open-source software , it can be freely downloaded , customized , and easily translated in languages which are actually NOT (and never been)taken in consideration in popular products such as microsoft's Internet Explorer , providing very few legal limitations regarding copyright , licences , and distribution policies .

Mozilla Veneto and its authors hope therefore to contribute actively to the preservation of the Venetian language , starting from the lead tool of the internet technologies which is the Browser.

Infact it's not just about preserving our language but also about the introduction of clear and simple rules to write in Venetian , using our new writing system (GVS) intentionally designed for its use in IT & telecommunications.

The new browser FIREFOX has been downloaded from by 25 million users in the first quarter of 2005.

Due to these recent facts , seems now focused in setting Firefox as its lead product , consequencially the old and monolithic Mozilla Suite is actually becoming a minor and obsolete product.

We then decided to focus mainly on Firefox for our translation project.
The translations of Thunderbird , Mozilla Suite ,Chatzilla , NVU , and Sunbird , will eventually follow in a second time and our decision will be based on the feedbacks received about Firefox.

Anyone willing to volunteer , collaborate , or JOIN our project (translation , web deisgn , and more) can contact us via email :  ,

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